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Designer’s Inspiration: “
Music festivals were actually the initial inspiration that triggered my idea for Sintillia! I came across a lot of fashion press that referred to us as “generation rave,” including all of the fun, funky festival fashions. That’s when I knew I wanted to design something people could wear to Festivals. After all, deciding what to wear and how to accessorize is half the excitement of getting ready for them!
Well, sunglasses were the first accessory that came to mind as a festival necessity. Knowing myself, whenever I wear my sunglasses on my head they always wind up tangled in my hair or falling on the ground if I lean over. After searching for designs I realized there was certainly a need for beautiful “festival inspired” sunglass straps! I wanted to design “statement sunglass straps,”  offering people not only a practical accessory, but something they would be excited to add to their festival attire. My designs are inspired from a combination of hair accessories and body jewelry. I want them to make a statement and be an accessory that can be styled many ways, no matter if your glasses are on, off, or on top of your head. After all, no one wants to wear croakies to a festival!” – Anne  Zanussi (Owner of Sintillia) 

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Why I Love It:
I can’t even count how many pairs of sunglasses I’ve lost at music festivals, yet I still refuse to wear croakies. When I found out about Sintillia’s statement sunglass straps it was a no brainer, I had to get one. Not only are they practical, but they are a ridiculously stylish alternative to the croakies my dad wears (no offense dad). I’ve been rocking the “Gold n Glowing” chain everywhere which has a more bohemian vibe to it. The length measures at 21 inches, so when I allow my sunnies to hang around my neck the chain becomes more of a necklace – and I love it!

Sintillia statement sunglass straps are an amazing alternative to cheap-o and outdated croakies. There’s no doubt in my mind that these bad boys will become a staple in festival fashion soon!

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Be sure to check out the Sintillia website and social media listed below!
Website: www.Sintillia.com // Instagram: @sintillia // Facebook: Sintillia

Want to purchase your own statement sunglass strap from Sintillia? Click her website link above and use our exclusive discount code “THREADED_VIBES” to receive 15% off your order!! 

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