About Threaded

Threaded Vibes is a festival inspired vintage clothing shop that believes music and fashion go hand in hand. Like the artists you listen to, your style is an extension of who you are and allows the chance to share your uniqueness with the world. To help, our team crosses the country endlessly searching for the very best vintage “Party Pieces” for you to wear to your next concert or festival.


What's a Party Piece is? A Party Piece that one item you wear that makes you stand out letting everyone know the party has officially arrived!

About Me

Hey friends! My name is Courtney Walker and I’m the vintage obsessed, festival loving woman behind Threaded Vibes. Music and fashion are long time loves of mine and after my first couple  festivals I realized the two can obviously go together! I’m always searching for one of a kind vintage “party pieces” that speak to my music-loving soul and can be worn to a concert, fest or to simply look badass in. If you’re wondering “why vintage” it’s because clothing from back in the day was made to last, not to mention great for the environment when we chose vintage over fast-fashions. I also specifically look for clothing and accessories decked in sequins, are brightly colored or have bold prints that are hard to duplicate, ensuring your outfit will be as unique as your quirky personality. So I hope you enjoy shopping at Threaded Vibes as much as I enjoyed curating these “party pieces” for you and be sure to check back often!